You're Going to Carry that Weight, So Do It In Style! (Camera Bags and Cases)

Posted by Brien Lee on

We've added a few bags and cases to our offerings here, since if you're investing in a serious camera or DSLR, you might as well throw a bit of your budget towards something to protect your camera investment.

The questions that always should be answered are: large or small, had or soft, local or airplane, DSLR or Camcorder. It's a matter of weight, capacity, and protection. 

Hard cases are mode for air travel, especially as checked baggage, and have a variety of sizes and features.  Check out the Pelican line for these.

Soft cases add capacity, are lighter, made for your primary piece of gear, usually will stay with you as you travel. Sachtler leads this pack.

Messenger bags or backpacks tend to be for local jaunts abd are particularly suited for DSLR's and Mirrorless Cameras, such as the Sony Alpha line and the Panasonic Lumix Series. These bags will have separate compartments for camera bodies and lenses. Tenba is the leader for these.

So if you know the equipment you'll want to carry (and that can go way beyond cameras into lighting and microphones and more) Go to the links to read more about these various approaches to traveling with ease and style and safety!

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